Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spaghetti Squash Sesame Noodles

I am seriously obsessed with the flavor of sesame. I ADORE the Pioneer Woman's sesame noodles, but they call for a completely whackadoodle amount of oil. Like, 7 TABLESPOONS. So, I searched for a lightened up version, and found this recipe from Shrinking Kitchen. But I was pretty sure I could go one step further to make this delightful side dish even healthier, as I had a bright yellow spaghetti squash sitting on the counter, a ripe red pepper in the fridge, and some crispy sugar snap peas just waiting to be tossed into something.

Green Herb Risotto with Savory Mushrooms

Spring is finally here, and with it, an abundance of fresh green veggies and herbs. Living in Southern California means there isn't exactly a dearth of fresh produce in the winter, but with spring comes those tender green morsels that potatoes and squash just can't compete with. 
Freshly shelled sweet green peas!

When I saw this recipe for Green Risotto on Serious Eats, I knew I had to make it. Fresh herbs and spinach are pureed and added to creamy rice, then topped with savory sauteed mushrooms.