Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thai Kale Salad and a 2016 life update

My in-laws (yes, in-laws! Officially!) are in town this week, and though we've been busy running around town with them, I finally have some down time this morning. With the new year here I thought it would be a good time to make a blog update, and to share a recipe that's healthy and yummy enough to be worthy of my first blog post of 2016.

As you may have noticed (in-laws, people!), I am now married! We had a ceremony in Maine in early October, and our little hometown couldn't have been a better location. The leaves were changing, the air was crisp, and our friends and families really made the experience a dream for us.

Basically my fave people in the world: 7 bridesmaids, maid of honor, and flower girl, including siblings, cousin and niece.
I mean, we both looked pretty hott. Yeah, hott with two-t's hott.
Overall, 2015 was full of ups and downs, but it ended on a high note and I couldn't feel luckier about where my life is right now.

I've also been doing a lot more writing outside of my own blog, mostly for SheKnows and Menuism (and some articles that have appeared in The Huffington Post!). You can also follow my new Twitter account here.

Okay, blah blah blah, personal statement over! I know you're all here for the food.

So first let me admit that, while I love a good restaurant kale salad, making kale salad at home is not my fave activity. Chopping and cutting a bunch of veggies, removing the kale stems and making a dressing from scratch isn't always something I have time for, but when I do - this is the kale salad I'm making.

It's robust. It's textured. It's vibrant and flavorful and basically everything that other salads are not (sorry, regular lettuce, but kale kicks your ass). So even if you're not really a salad person, I beg of you - get your veggies, hone your chef's knife, and prepare to be satisfied.

Thai-inspired kale salad

Adapted from Pinch of Yum

Makes two servings

For the salad 

1 bunch kale, stemmed and chopped into ribbons
1/4 cup cilantro
1/4 cup mint
1/2 cup shelled edamame
1 carrots, cut into thin ribbons
1/2 yellow bell pepper, slivered
1/2 red bell pepper, slivered
1 avocado, sliced
1/2 cup roasted almonds (I used wasabi-flavored, yum)
a sprinkle of sesame seeds

For the dressing

1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
2 cloves garlic, grated
About 1 Tbsp fresh ginger, grated
3 Tbsp low sodium soy sauce
2 Tbsp water
2 Tbsp rice wine vinegar
2 Tbsp honey
1 tsp brown sugar
1 Tbsp tahini
1 Tbsp sesame oil
Juice from 1/2 a lime

1. Easy-peasy: Mix salad ingredients, except for avocado, almonds and sesame seeds, in a large bowl.

2. Whisk together dressing ingredients.

3. Toss salad with dressing, to taste.

4. Split salad between two bowls. Top with creamy avocado, crunchy almonds and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Enjoy!


  1. this salad looks so beautiful and tasty! yum!

  2. This looks delish. Avocado is my fav, and your wedding photos are gorgeous! Alix, my co-blogger on our site, and I catered her wedding ourselves all vegan. That was a lot of fun