Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cantaloupe Fruit Salad with Mint, Lime, and Honey

 These luscious, juicy cantaloupe spheres would have been impossible for me to make before last night...when I finally acquired a melon baller! I feel like melon ballers have gone out of style, but I told Nate that I would definitely use it if we got it. So, last night I balled and froze half of a cantaloupe to use for cocktail making tonight, and this morning I woke up and balled the second half for this light, refreshing breakfast fruit salad.

I cut the cantaloupe in half, scooped out the seeds, and pressed them through a fine mesh strainer. I saved the juice in a jar in the fridge. Then, I scooped the flesh out of the melon rind with the baller.
I chopped up four mint leaves and added them to the cantaloupe.
Next, I mixed the juice of half a lime with about 1 tsp honey. I tossed the liquid with the cantaloupe and mint.
I served the cantaloupe fruit salad with mint, lime, and honey alongside fluffy scrambled eggs and some turkey bacon.

I also wanted to give a shout out to my dinner last night, which consisted of a delicious fresh mozzarella pizza from Santa Monica Pizza Kitchen, courtesy of Nate, and homemade Passion Fruit Mojitos, courtesy of me. I wish I had thought to take pictures while I was making the mojitos, but I didn't know how good they would turn out! I used this recipe, substituted club soda for the water, and added 2 oz white rum.
Passion Fruit Mojito...I need to learn how to take pictures of drinks!
Santa Monica Pizza pizza on the West side!!

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